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Название: Battlefield 4
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Название: Call of Duty: Ghosts
Автор новости: Archangel444
Категория: Игровые новости
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Модератор форума: Kolcov  
Форум клана (СССР) » Турнир » Правила и регламент турнира » I CCCP-DOMINATION TOURNAMENT Rules
ACДата: Суббота, 27.03.2010, 17:13 | Сообщение # 1
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Боец CW

За 600 плюсов

За победу в 1 Турнире CCCP Domination За победу в Клубе Прогнозистов ЧМ-2010
1.1 The number of teams participating in the tournament: no more than 32 and not less than 8
1.2 Team registration before 31 March 2010 inclusive
1.3 The tournament starts April 3 2010
1.4 Tournament format:
1.4.1 The first stage - depending on the number of registered teams
• less than 16 teams: group system. The teams are dispersed by drawing lots for the two groups. As a result of meetings of the teams in the playoffs come the teams who took their teams to 1-2 places;
• 16 or more teams: group stage. The teams are dispersed by lot into four groups. As a result of meetings of the teams in the playoffs come the team who took their teams to 1-2 places
1.4.2 The second stage - the playoffs (game on departure)
• 1 / 2 finals and Final
Winer A1/V2 Winer A2/V1
• 1 / 4, 1 / 2 and final
Winer A1/D2 Winer B1/C2
Winer A1/D2 / Winer C1/B2 Winer B1/C2 / Winer D1/A2
Winer C1/B2 Winer D1/A2
1.4.3 If two teams are gaining an equal number of points, then the table is placed above the one that won in a personal meeting of these teams.
If three or more teams gain an equal number of points, then the above table is the one that has a big difference in number of victories and defeats Woo cards.
If in this case the statistics of the same shall then be abutting additional rounds to identify strengths.
1.5 Administrator of the tournament is (CCCP) ARCHANGEL
1.6 Judges - Clan leaders commands. The judge has no right to judge a match involving his team.
2.1 Game mode - classic Superiority 2 cards for 2 rounds with the change in command
2.2 Allowed to play 6x6, 6h5 (plus 2-3 people - spare / observers). Another format is not provided for
2.3 The match is played on two maps, one from each team. The team won the match 3:1, wins
2.4 In the group stage the team won a match receives 3 points, played in a draw for 1 point, losing 0 points.
If the stage of the playoffs the team will play in a draw, because through the cards 2:2, then the third card chosen by process of elimination each team take turns on one not played map. The remaining card and will play third.
2.5 The teams scored in the group stage of an equal number of points distributed in the standings as a result of personal meetings. If three or more teams have an equal number of points, then takes into account the results of their first private talks, then the difference of victories / defeats in the matches
2.6 Deprecated perks, modules, weapons, classes: (all that is not forbidden - is allowed)

2.7 Valid Cards:
¦ Afghan
¦ Derail
¦ Estate
¦ Favela
¦ Highrise
¦ Invasion
¦ Karachi
¦ Quarry
¦ Rundown
¦ Scrapyard
¦ Skidrow
¦ Sub base
¦ Terminal
¦ Wasteland
2.8 Each player is required to install X-ray and provide a link to his profile on the site www.xraygaming.com.
2.9.1 Select Server
Teams may agree among themselves, on whose server will be a game. If both teams fail to agree on the choice of server, then each team will play its card on the server rival.
2.9.2 Server Settings:

2.9.3 If after the start is that the server is not configured correctly, one team asked to complete the game and the score is (1-0 guests server). If after the second start of the server still does not want to tune, the Administrator immediately completes the game (but the expense is 1-0) and it should restart the server (and check the server settings (ask at the reception or the judge)
2.10 (at the discretion of the judge) team can be awarded a technical failure in:
• insult a rival, a judge or simply complaints about life in general chat ";
• flood in the general chat
• mate in the general chat
• the use of any prohibited programs or scripts
• Use one of the teams banned perks, weapons, Judge and / or administrator must stop play and award the victory on this map of the opposing team (not a victory throughout the match);
• - Replacement skin weapons, people, etc.;
• - If a player does not provide screenshots from X-ray;
• - Being in the audience participants of the tournament is prohibited.

• 3. Team registration:
• 3.1 To participate in the tournament, the team must have at least 6 players.
• 3.2 All players are part of teams that will participate in the tournament must be registered on the site http://sssr.ucoz.net. In your profile, they must indicate their contacts (required steam and, for example steam + ICQ or steam + skype) and a link to his profile on the site www.xraygaming.com.
• 3.3 To register your team you need to go to this link. and fill in all fields.
• 3.4 After registration in the tournament, make changes to personal data can only Administrator.

• 4. Of match:
• 4.1 The match between the teams must be played within 3 days from the date of their intersection in the standings and a schedule in which clan leaders agree on the date and time of matches. If by the deadline the opponent still has not responded or how, he will be forfeited.
• 4.2 If you do not want to play a match, you must contact your opponents and give up the game. You will be assigned a defeat, and his opponent held up the tournament ladder.
• 4.3 In the contentious issues teams must advance to contact the administrator or judge to resolve conflicts.
• 5. Before the match:
• 5.1 You must then contact with your opponent before the match.
• 5.1.1 If the enemy does not appear within 30 minutes after the appointed time of the match, then it will be forfeited.
• 5.1.2 If one of the players on your team has no time for the match, you should contact with the enemy and try to persuade them to postpone the match. If the enemy insists that the matches are played at the scheduled time, then you play that part in which there is, if permitted by the rules of the game. Otherwise you will be forfeited.
• 5.2 All players must advance to test the program X-ray.
• 5.3 Clan leaders must agree on a host (you can pre-assemble and test server).

• 6. During the match:
• 6.1 The game is started, when it played the first round, in which case the break he should not.
• 6.1.1 Before each card includes all the commands for the specified side and wait for the team captains on the "START" the game. This was done because of the difference map load the players and avoid Advantages one of the teams.
• 6.1.2 A player who was late to the game or taking off on those. Reasons during the match, can to the server at any time of the game. After connect, he should immediately go for the side of his team. Being in the audience of players not participating in the match (teams, referees, administration) is strictly forbidden!
• 6.2 The replacement player can be made in the pause between the cards in order: one player went out, came second.
• 6.3 Upon completion of the map during the show the result of the game, both teams make a screenshot account.
• 7. After the match:
• 7.1 All players are required to upload your screenshots from X-ray.
• 7.2 EXECUTION Match result:
• The team that wins the match, placed in the appropriate forum thread:
• - The overall result of the match (Team A - Team B, by A - from B);
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Форум клана (СССР) » Турнир » Правила и регламент турнира » I CCCP-DOMINATION TOURNAMENT Rules
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